Your Daily Shower Costs 25 Gallons of Water

The feeling of having a long hot shower after a tiresome day at work is sublime. Between the steam, streaming water, and the soothing warmth, it is quite tempting to stay longer in a shower than required. I mean why not, right? But as Paullina Simons rightly stated, “Everything comes at a price.”

Long showers waste a ton of water. Infact, having a shower or a hot bath is the second most water consuming activity in a household.

A 10 minute shower will cost you about 25 gallons of water, and that’s a bare minimum. It could go even higher depending on your duration and your showerhead. If you want to save water and keep your bills low, you should be looking for a low-flow showerhead. It's simple. Save water. Save electricity. Save money.

VitaPure SW-211CR is your answer to saving water. Featuring a unique one touch button to stop or allow the flow water, users can save up to 50 percent water without any compromise to performance or comfort. What’s more is that the showerhead comes equipped with a headplate that rotates 360 degrees.

SW Series is a precision-engineered shower head that employs a regulator for consistent water volume. In areas where water pressure is weak, the water comes out strong thanks to the efficient head design. It’s easy adjustment of spray angle and volume will leave you astounded. The injection handle can be freely rotated which can create an enjoyable showering experience.

Another distinctive feature of this VitaPure product are the small pores on the showerhead. The number and size of the pores on the head play an important role in saving water, which is exactly what this showerhead adheres to.

VitaPure SW-211CR is easy to install and fits all standard shower hoses.

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