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Is Chlorine Really Harmful To Your Hair?

The water we obtain at our homes is treated with chlorine. The chemical element is an effective and affordable way to sanitize water. This is also the reason why swimming pools make use of the disinfectant to keep the water clean. However, chlorine is a double edged sword. It's necessary but also detrimental.

The longer you shower with chlorinated water, the more adverse its effects will be. During a shower, especially a hot and steamy one, the pores on your skin open up and absorb chlorine in numerous ways. Chlorine and chloramines make their way to your body through your skin pores as well as your eyes and mouth. On top of that, inhaling steam and vaporized chlorine during a shower will also affect your respiratory system.

How does chlorine affect your hair?

  • Chlorine can strip off natural oils from your hair which can leave them dry and damaged.
  • Chlorine can change the color of your hair.
  • it can weaken each hair strand, which could result in split ends.
  • Your scalp can be itchy and irritated depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

The drying effects of chlorine can dispossess the skin of elasticity which could result in premature aging. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can aggravate the grave situation of your skin and hair. Once you reach a particular threshold, even the most expensive anti-aging creams in the market won’t be able to reverse the daunting effects of premature aging.

What can you do about it?

The city does a great job of disinfecting water before it reaches our homes. But it's our job to make sure that the water that runs from the tap is safe from chlorine. It’s best to use a shower filter to enjoy a refreshing shower without facing the harmful effects of chlorine.


VitaPure has a wide range of filters to suit all your needs. From showerheads to water purifiers, each one of them is equipped with a filter that cleans out chlorine and other harmful bacteria. And if you want to make sure that every faucet in your house has chlorine-free water, you can purchase a whole house water filter unit from VitaPure.

It treats the whole water system at your home while keeping your plumbing function and family safe from dangerous chemicals in the tap water. VitaPure showerhead is also provisioned with a Vitamin C filter, which can replenish the lost nutrients of your hair.

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