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Things to Consider Before You Buy a New Showerhead

A quick Google search for showerheads will pop up several choices and offer a wide variety of brands. With so many options and different features, picking the right showerhead can be quite intimidating. However, in reality, there are just a few key things you need to consider before you buy a showerhead.

Shape and type of showerhead

Showerheads are largely available in two shapes - round and square. Choosing the shape should depend on the design of the bathroom and other equipment in the shower area. However, the round shape is the most common choice and generally preferred by the majority of people.

You should also decide if you want a fixed or wall-mounted showerhead. The latter is a go-to choice for most people due to its flexibility and easy installation. Moreover, it’s easier to attach a much-needed shower filter into a wall-mounted showerhead.


The cost of a showerhead differs greatly. So make sure you buy the one that fits your budget. Do keep in mind though that a showerhead is largely a one-time investment. Besides, you will also be using it regularly. So make sure to buy a quality showerhead that comes equipped with a shower filter.

Water Efficiency

Always buy a shower head that comes with a water-saving feature. An average shower consumes 20 gallons of water, so a showerhead that saves 30 - 50% water can make a huge difference in your bills. While water-saving showerheads can be a bit on the expensive side, the reduction in bills can cover the cost of the showerhead within a few months. Some showerheads even come with a one-touch button to stop the flow of water such as the VitaPure SW-211CR button water-saving shower head.



Make sure that the showerhead can be easily installed by you instead of a plumber. It’s also important that the shower filter can be changed without any hassle.

A Shower Filter

If you want your showers to truly give you a refreshing experience, it's of vital importance that you use a shower filter. There are several shower filters in the market that use different technologies to neutralize chlorine, so make sure you pick the right one.

It is recommended to choose VitaPure showerheads as they come equipped with a vitamin C filter that removes 99% chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, the filter comes with a transparent casing that clearly shows when the filter needs to be changed.

These criteria’s are crucial in buying the perfect showerhead for your bathroom. So make sure that the next time you plan to buy a showerhead, you tick off all these boxes.


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