Why You Should Include Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

Peptides are currently the most talked about ingredient in skincare that have become prevalent in cosmetology fairly recently. However, unlike other skin care trends which come and go, peptides are more than just hype and are definitely an ingredient you don’t want to overlook. 

Peptides are a type of protein made up of a tiny chain of amino acids that are necessary for the production of collagen, elastin, and keratin. These are proteins that make up the structural parts of your skin and hair, providing it strength and durability. 

Peptides and proteins both use amino acids as building components. Using a peptide-rich skincare product will encourage your skin to create more collagen. While our body produces collagen naturally, they gradually reduce collagen production over time. This can lead to loss of skin elasticity and formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Peptides operate as tiny messengers when applied to the skin, activating skin cells to perform certain jobs such as producing collagen and elastin, causing skin to seem and act younger. Peptides have been demonstrated to help your skin on several levels, including firming, relaxing, and moisturizing it.

The skin's defense system is our body's first line of defense against bacteria, UV radiation, pollution, and other pollutants. Excessive exfoliation, exposure to cigarette smoke and lack of sleep can all harm the skin barrier. Peptides help in the formation of a stronger barrier which makes your skin look firmer, even past your days of youth. Since peptides promote formation of collagen, wrinkles and fine lines will be less evident when skin is firmer and plumper.

The increasing demand for peptides has led to the creation of several products in the market containing peptides. Meder Beauty Science products contain specific peptide solutions in their product to provide maximum effectiveness to end users. 

Myo-Fix Mask contains signal peptides (Peptide Complex Matrixyl-3000) that penetrate into the skin to create a stimulating effect and revive skin cells. While Blepharo Rich Eye Cream contains remodeling peptides (Syn®-TACKS) that increases the skin’s resilience and thickness. And this is just the surface, check out our collection of Meder Beauty products and discover the change yourself!

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