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Shower or Massage? Why Not Both!

Did you ever wish that your shower was more than just water gushing down your head? Or maybe imagined that a long refreshing shower will improve your damaged skin and hair? Now your dream can turn into a reality with the Modison Vitamin Showerhead!

Modison Vitamin (SVH-130CR) removes 99% chlorine, chloramines as well as harmful THM’s from your shower water. Excessive amounts of chlorine can cause lots of skin irritation. It can potentially strip your hair and skin of natural oils, which can invite a whole new set of problems. If you have sensitive skin, specific skin allergies or dry skin, you need to use an efficient shower filter to prevent the hostile effects of chlorine.

Unlike our skin, hair damage is permanent. The harm once done is almost irreversible. Chlorine can lead to a flaky and itchy scalp, which could sow the seeds of dandruff in your hair. So why even take the chance of brittle hair when you can prevent it.

The Vitamin C Filter

The showerhead comes loaded with the advanced technology of the vitamin C filter. This natural anti-oxidant neutralizes chlorine and chloramine while providing supplementary nutrients to your skin and hair. Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic manner of dechlorination. So don’t fret, it’s all good. The filter also has a sizable amount of capacity at 10,000 litres per filter.

The Modison showerhead comes equipped with a two spray pattern and an eco-stop function which allows users to save up to 50 percent water during a shower. This is a great start to our long walk towards an eco-friendly future. The VitaPure showerhead delivers twice the spray force of a normal showerhead at half the cost, so why choose anything else!

The showerhead comes supplemented with 16 massage brushes on the head. Its rubber spikes are splendid for massaging the scalp which can help improve blood circulation. You can even comb your hair while enjoying a refreshing shower experience!

And perhaps, with a good scalp, your shower thoughts might get better too!

The showerhead and filters are easy to install, which will provide you with a hassle-free experience. It also fits like a glove on all internationally used shower hoses. Modison Shower (SVH-130CR) has been tested for the guaranteed reduction of chlorine and chloramines.

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