Yes, You Should Wear Sunscreen Daily

We might have heard that wearing sunscreen during summer is a must. However, it’s important to keep sunscreen as part of your everyday skin care routine; regardless the time of the year. Our skin protects us from a host of diseases including shielding us from the harmful rays of the sun. But without adequate protection, our skin is left vulnerable to a slew of problems. Here are four reasons why you should be using sunscreen daily.

Prevent Premature Aging

Repeated exposure to the sun without any adequate protection can damage elastin and collagen in your skin. This will cause your beautiful skin to lose elasticity and gain wrinkles. To avoid premature aging, add sufficient amount of SPF into your skin care routine.

Protect the Skin from Sunburn

Spending excessive time outdoors or in tanning beds/booths without sun protection can lead to painful sunburns. Repetitive sunburns can bring with them a host of problems including skin cancer and premature aging. To avoid these, make sure to apply sunscreen and wear your shades before you decide to have a day out.

Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Make sure you wear your sunscreen even on a cloudy day to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Constant and adequate protection such as SPF 30 will shield you from the harmful rays of the sun. Carefully cover all the exposed areas of the skin and reapply it every two hours if you’re outdoors.

Maintain an Even Skin Tone

Frequent sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin or ‘Sunspots’. These cause discoloration of the skin in spots of tan to brown in color. Sunspots can appear on the face, shoulders, arms and hands of both men and women.

While sunscreen blocks ultraviolet B rays which are important for generating Vitamin D in the skin. There is little evidence that it actually causes any Vitamin D deficiency in the body. To add to that, most people apply far less than the recommended amount of sunscreen which mostly ensures that there is sufficient intake of Vitamin D.

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