Hydrogen Water: The Next Trend in Wellness

Drinking water is a great way to keep your body hydrated. The benefits we receive by simply increasing our water intake are countless. From improving metabolism to promoting weight loss, the list goes on and on. Which is why it shouldn’t come as surprise that water is crowned as the healthiest drink. Now, imagine that, but with more benefits! That’s exactly what Hydrogen water is.

Hydrogen water, simply put, is pure water with hydrogen molecules in it. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, so drinking hydrogen water won’t taste any different than plain water.

Hydrogen infused water neutralizes oxygen-free radicals to improve skin elasticity which contributes towards slowing down the ageing process. It decreases oxidative stress and even enhances the performance of athletes. As a matter of fact, bathing in hydrogen water has become a popular spa treatment for fighting skin damage and wrinkles.

Its increased antioxidant activity can boost energy which can help you recover from your workouts swiftly. H2 or Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant which is well known for its healing properties. Hydrogen water or the Shin'nooru solution as they call it has been a huge wellness trend in Japan for several years. And Japan, as we know, is one of the healthiest countries in the world.

Now with the VitaPure Hydrogen Bottle, you can get all these benefits at home!

The VitaPure Hydrogen Bottle improves your immunity which will make it more effective against various diseases. It lowers inflammation, boosts endurance and reduces fatigue as well.


The bottle comes equipped with a separable hygienic filter and a one-touch open anti-pressure safety ring. VitaPure Hydrogen Bottle can hold a capacity of 650ml while maintaining the water supply at pH 6.4 to 9.3. It features a BPA free Tritan body, which is easy to clean and use. The portable shape of the bottle also allows it to fit the car cup holder with ease!

It is advised to use purified water for filling the bottle. Since H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe, it’s preferable to consume it quickly to maximize your hydrogen intake and its benefits.