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6 Simple Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winter is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s a time when people come together for warmth, love and connection. But at the same time, winter can wreak havoc on your beautiful skin. Cold air, increasing winds, and less humidity can lead to an itchy scalp and dull skin like gloomy winter mornings. So naturally, you need to take care of it. Here are 7 simple tips that can help keep your skin in good shape during winter.

Avoid hot showers

Taking a hot shower during a chilly evening sounds amazing, but it isn’t good for your skin. A shower in hot water can quickly dry your skin while stripping it off natural protective oils. It is recommended to have shower in lukewarm water with a maximum duration of 5 – 10 minutes. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to keep the moisture barrier intact and to prevent dryness.

Stay Hydrated


Drinking sufficient amounts of water is crucial to having a good skin. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but make sure you don’t gulp it down in one sitting. Sipping small quantities of H2O at regular intervals will allow it to be more effectively absorbed by the skin.

Wear Sunscreen

Don’t be fooled by the cool gloomy days of the winter season. People often forget that even though the sun is not in sight, its harmful UV rays can still penetrate through the winter cloud cover. Your unprotected skin can absorb these rays which can then open doors to sun burn and even skin cancer. So no matter the season, keep your sunscreen on.

Moisturize regularly

Make sure to moisturize right after a shower because that’s when your pores are wide open. However, acne prone and sensitive skin may not work best with this strategy, so experiment and see what suits your skin best.  Rich, oil-based moisturizer are the preferred options during winter. And don’t forget your hands! The skin on our hands has fewer oil glands which allows So keep moisturizing them at regular intervals.

Exfoliate, but not too much!

Exfoliate helps to get rid of your dead skin cells and prevents your face from appearing dull. However, during winter, exfoliating once a week will suffice as your skin barrier is already affected by the cold and dry weather. Use an exfoliator that is nourishing yet mild and effective. Depending on your skin type, exfoliating once a week will suffice during winter.


Winter is the perfect time to get cozy and snuggle under a blanket. But you need to exercise for your skin and of course good health. Exercising will pump your heart rate and improve blood circulation which then delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin to keep it healthy.

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