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Purify your water with VitaPure SUF-300VPX Combo that removes 99% chlorine and other impurities like rust, iron, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. It has natural complex bio filtration with 6 layered steps. Perfect for houses which uses well water. It uses both PureMax and Vitamin C Filter.

VitaPure uses 100% Food Grade Vitamin C filters that remove 99% chlorine and chloramines and also eliminate very harmful THM's from your water.
Our filters are FDA approved, Korea Testing Certification, Certified Halal, and 100% chemical-free, ensuring that you get the purest and safest shower experience.

The solution for all chlorine-related problems!
✅ Reduces hair fall, dandruff and itchy scalp
✅ Relief from dry skin and eczema
✅ Prevents premature aging caused by chlorine
✅ Dyed hair lasts up to 3 times longer

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