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THMs: The Hidden Danger in Your Shower Water

Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent that is added to tap water to protect us from harmful waterborne diseases or viruses. While chlorine in shower water can have adverse effects on your skin and hair, it is particularly even more harmful to your babies. The weak and soft skin of a baby leaves it more susceptible to the effects of chlorine which can have lifelong impacts. 

In order to protect your baby from the harmful effects of chlorine, it is recommended to use only chlorine-free water.

While chlorine is used as a disinfectant in tap water purification to neutralize germs and other microorganisms in water, it’s still present in water we get in our homes. However, our problems don’t just end with chlorinated water. A lesser known fact is that our water even contains THMs. So you might ask, what are THMs? And what makes them dangerous?

Well, THMs or Trihalomethanes are the result of a reaction between the chlorine used for disinfecting water and the natural organic matter present in water. During a hot shower, we are exposed to these harmful THMs through inhalation and direct contact which puts our personal health in jeopardy. Particularly, the steam generated during a hot shower further increases our exposure to THMs. 

Infact, an increase in the THM content in water is even related to the increase of cardiac anomalies and birth defects!

The only way to protect yourself and your baby is to use a shower filter that removes THMs. Use VitaPure! The eco-friendly shower filter removes 99.9% chlorine and chloramines from your shower water along with THMs! 

The food graded Vitamin C filter neutralizes these chemicals and ensures that your shower is free from any harmful chemicals. Along with this, the chemical-free Vitamin C will also provide nourishment to your skin and hair. For the safety of your baby and household, always choose VitaPure!

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