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Should You Have A Hot Shower When You’re Sick?

Feeling under the weather is a real confining feeling. Being sick might make you feel more exhausted and can quickly turn your daily chores into a real task. A stuffy nose, sore throat and exhaustion are among a few factors that you might experience when you’re down with common cold.

The fever that follows is our body’s way to deal with the virus or bacteria causing the infection. Fever supports the immune system by speeding disease fighting cells to an infection. It even increases the temperature of the body which makes it a less favorable hosts for viruses and bacteria which usually cannot thrive in high temperatures.

While this ensures that the infection does not survive, it also leaves us feeling pretty miserable. But there is one simple thing that can make you feel much better – a hot shower.

Soaking in hot water with steam has been used as a natural remedy to reduce cold symptoms for ages. The heat from the water and the steam it generates can help you clear out the nasal passages which will provide relief from your stuffy nose. A steamy shower can even help you open your airways and loosen up phlegm.

Having a hot shower also ensures that we get a goodnight’s sleep – which is an important part of the body’s recovery process. However, only showering in hot water won’t make your cold or stuffy nose completely go away, but it will surely help you with the uncomfortable symptoms.

Make sure that the water isn’t too hot! Aim for the sweet spot between warm and hot water, which is arguably a fantastic feeling to be soaked in. It’s important to note that you don’t stay in the hot shower longer than you require.

Use a VitaPure showerhead with Vitamin C filter which removes 99% chlorine, chloramines and even THM’s from your water. This will keep your focus more on having a refreshing shower experience and not worry about the side effects of bathing in chlorinated water for too long.

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