Pearlie White Dental Mirror & Cleaning Tool (2 pcs)

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The squeaky clean feeling you get after seeing your dentist is much easier to maintain if you have the right tools. With our Dental Cleaning Tool & Mirror, you'll have the professional quality tools to help you do the job. The stainless steel plaque remover helps you spot missing fillings and cracked teeth, and when coupled with the mirror, makes in-mouth observation seem too easy.

See what's causing you pain or claw away at food particles, hidden plaque and tartar that build up around your gums and between your teeth. So your teeth will be in much better shape the next time your dentist sees them.

Dental mirror with super bright light allows you to:
• Observe both your inner and outer, as well as upper and lower, teeth and gums.
• Spot missing fillings or cracked teeth.
• Locate mouth ulcers or items causing pain.
• Reveal hidden plaque, accumulated tartar and stains.

Dental cleaning tool with stainless steel head:
• Helps you to remove plaque, tartar and food from in between teeth

*Recommended frequency of plaque removal is once every 3 weeks.
*The cleaning tool will last approximately 2 years if used once every 3 weeks.

Wipe the Cleaning Tool with a moist cloth after use. Use an alcohol wipe to sterilize if necessary.

Some discomfort might occur when first cleaning plaque from between teeth and tooth surface. If discomfort persists, please consult your dentist.

This product is not meant to replace daily brushing or visits to your dentist. It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice daily and visit your dentist twice a year.

Note: Not recommended for use on children 12 years and under.

Press the button to turn the LED light ON/OFF.

Twist the bottom cap counterclockwise to change battery.

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