InBody Home Care Range

InBody is the world leader in body composition analysis, and now you can have the same level of accuracy and patented technology of professional InBody devices at home!

InBody - Body Composition Analyzers

The InBody H20N is a state of the art at-home scale. By placing an increased emphasis on the importance of whole-body composition over weight, this device will provide you with valuable, accurate insights that are derived from the same BIA technology used in all of our professional devices. Plus, you’ll get personalized results in seconds from the comfort of your own home.

Body Composition Analyzers

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Save AED 420.00
InBody Dial H20N Body Composition Analyzer White
Sale priceAED 1,480.00 Regular priceAED 1,900.00
Save AED 440.00
InBody Dial H20N Body Composition Analyzer Black
Sale priceAED 1,810.00 Regular priceAED 2,250.00
Save AED 420.00
InBody Dial H20N Body Composition Analyzer Ivory/Beige
Sale priceAED 1,480.00 Regular priceAED 1,900.00
InBody-120-with-Thermal-PrinterInBody 120, body composition analyzer

InBody - Blood Pressure Monitors

The InBody Blood Pressure Monitors are a clinically validated, fully automated, and user-friendly blood pressure kiosk that provides a full range of insightful measurements at the touch of a single button. Equipped with voice guidance, an elbow sensor, and adjustable stool, examinees can effortlessly self-test and get the most accurate readings every time.

InBody - Stadiometers

Accurately measures an individual’s height using an ultrasound sensor. Displays temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. Sleek triangular design that fits in one hand.