Get a Free Body Composition Analysis Test on Orders Above AED500!

At Wellness Terminal, we believe that taking care of your body is essential for a healthy and balanced life. To reward our valued customers, we are delighted to offer a complimentary InBody Test with orders totaling AED500 or more. Unlock the opportunity to gain valuable insights into your body composition and take a step towards a healthier you!

How to Book Your Free InBody Test:

  1. Place an order of AED500 or more on our website
  2. Once your order is confirmed and shipped, you will receive your package along with a special code.
  3. Visit our website and navigate to the InBody Test booking page to enter your special code.
  4. Select a convenient date and time for your InBody Test appointment.
  5. Arrive at our Wellness Terminal center on the scheduled date and take the InBody Test with the assistance of our expert team.
  6. Walk away with valuable insights into your body composition and actionable recommendations to support your health and wellness journey.

What is an InBody Test?

The InBody Test is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides detailed information about your body's muscle mass, body fat percentage, water distribution, and overall body balance. It goes beyond the traditional scale and comprehensively understands your physical condition.

Result Sheet Interpretation

Body Composition Analysis displays the weight of Total Body Water (Intracellular water (ICW) and extracellular water (ECW)), Dry Lean Mass, and Body Fat Mass. Body weight is the total of these three components.
Muscle-Fat Analysis uses bar graphs to provide a comparison between weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat mass. The lengths of the bar graphs indicate the relationship between the current weight to the average value for that specific segment, based on the examinee’s height.
Obesity Analysis displays both BMI and Percent Body Fat (PBF). PBF is a more accurate determination of your health because it compares your fat levels to your weight. Although outdated, BMI is included on the InBody Result Sheets because it is commonly used in scientific research.
The Segmental Lean Analysis graph is an effective and informed assessment of lean mass distribution within the five segments of a user’s body. This helps professionals closely monitor changes and make adjustments as necessary.
The cumulative graph quickly shows changes in the examinee’s body composition and allows for dietary-exercise modifications.

Benefits of Checking Body Composition:

Track Your Progress: By understanding your body composition, you can monitor changes in your muscle mass, body fat, and hydration levels over time. This knowledge allows you to track the effectiveness of your fitness and nutrition routines and make necessary adjustments for optimal results.

Set Realistic Goals: Knowing your body composition helps you set achievable goals based on your individual needs. Whether you aim to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, or improve overall health, the InBody Test provides valuable data to create a customized plan.

Identify Health Risks: Body composition analysis can help identify potential health risks such as excess body fat or muscle imbalances. By recognizing these issues early on, you can take preventive measures and make informed decisions for a healthier future.

Enhance Sports Performance: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can utilize InBody Test results to optimize their training programs. Understanding muscle imbalances and body fat distribution allows for targeted workouts, leading to improved performance and reduced risk of injuries.

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