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The Effect of Sleep on Your Body Composition

Sleep has a great impact on how the body works at a cellular level, and the amount of sleep you get per night can have a big impact on your body composition. Unfortunately, having a full night's sleep appears to be somewhere between an impossible luxury and an awful biological handicap that prevents you from getting things done in today's environment.

However, ignoring your body's natural need for sleep could drastically stifle your development if you care about your health and want to modify your body composition.

Getting adequate good sleep reduces hunger hormones and boosts basal metabolic rate, resulting in higher calorie burn during the day. This can result in additional fat reduction over time if combined with a good diet and frequent physical activity. To add, increasing Lean Body Mass (by building skeletal muscle) and decreasing Fat Mass are beneficial changes in body composition that are influenced by sleep.

Sleep has a direct impact on hormones in your body that influence muscle growth and loss. Growth Hormone (GH) is the hormone that contributes directly to muscular growth, as its name suggests. And, as it turns out, GH production is closely tied to sleep.

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the body's principal calorie-burning mechanism, aside from exercise. The amount of lean muscle mass in the body is proportional to BMR, and the more lean muscle mass there is, the more calories the body burns each day. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, has been demonstrated to reduce overall energy consumption. As a result, even when eating the same food, the body burns fewer calories throughout the day, slowing fat loss.

Sleep deprivation has a long-term impact on health. It not only affects weight but also raises the danger of a variety of ailments. Sleeping over lengthier periods of time is not helpful either. 

Sleep is how the body re-energizes itself both mentally and physically and obtaining enough sleep each night is essential for keeping the body healthy and operating correctly.