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Which Shower Filter Should You Buy?

Who doesn’t enjoy an excellent filter? We have them on our phones, on our Instagram feeds, and, yes, even in our showerheads. There are a variety of shower filters in the market that eliminate chlorine using various technologies. With so many alternatives to pick from, it might be confusing, so let’s make it easier for you and find out which one is the best. 

One way of removing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals from shower water is to use a KDF filter. Even with hot water, its unique KDF 55 copper-zinc alloy removes chlorine. KDF filters, on the other hand, can only remove up to 70% chlorine and don't solve the issue of chloramine or THM in your water.

Another popular option for eliminating chlorine and pollutants is an activated carbon filter. However, these filters lose their efficiency in cold water. So, unless you want to be subjected to just cold showers, it's best to avoid them.

Mineral balls are also used in some shower filters to remove chlorine. The major constituent in mineral balls that neutralizes chlorine is usually calcium sulfite. These shower filters are also said to contain beneficial negative ions that boost the immune system. Despite making various claims, there is no evidence to support the usefulness of mineral balls, often known as NMCs.

As you can see, these filter technologies do not eliminate chlorine completely. Furthermore, they never mention other dangerous chemicals found in your shower water, such as chloramines and THMs. So, what's the all-inclusive answer?

VitaPure employs a proprietary Vitamin C filtering system that eliminates 99 percent of chlorine and chloramines while also removing THMs from shower water. In addition, it works in both hot and cold water! VitaPure, unlike other shower filters, is backed by certifications such as Halal, Korea Testing Certification, FDA Approved, and is 100% chemical free! 

Furthermore, the food-graded Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant nourishes both your skin and hair! It's the healthiest and most natural approach to keeping your shower water clean. Since VitaPure employs Vitamin C to eliminate chlorine, the filter's slightly acidic qualities even prevent bacteria from growing in the showerhead. As a result, every time you shower, you'll give yourself a chemical-free and rejuvenating experience!

Furthermore, unlike carbon filters, which are ineffective in hot water, VitaPure's Vitamin C filter is efficient in both hot and cold water. Don't worry about the installation, VitaPure showerheads will easily fit in your standard hose as they are universally compatible with all shower hose sizes. VitaPure has been tested for the guaranteed reduction of chlorine and chloramines, unlike other manufacturers that just "promise" to remove chlorine.

So use a VitaPure vitamin C showerhead and see an immediate difference in the way your skin and hair feel. 

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