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The Air BikeThe Air Bike
Air Bike
Sale priceAED 2,900.00
The Air RowerThe Air Rower
Air Rower
Sale priceAED 2,700.00
The Bar PegThe Bar Peg
Bar Peg
Sale priceAED 129.00
The Commercial Bench
Commercial Bench
Sale priceAED 1,599.00
The RackThe Rack
Exercise Rack
Sale priceAED 6,874.00
The Junior RackThe Junior Rack
Junior Rack
Sale priceAED 4,374.00
The Nordic Curl AttachmentThe Nordic Curl Attachment
Nordic Curl Attachment
Sale priceAED 499.00
Powercore 36kg Smart Dumbbells with StandPowercore 36kg Smart Dumbbells with Stand
Powercore Exercise Balance BallPowercore Exercise Balance Ball
Powercore Exercise Balance Ball
Sale priceAED 395.00
The SkiergThe Skierg
Sale priceAED 2,700.00
Suspension Trainer P3Suspension Trainer P3
Suspension Trainer P3
Sale priceAED 180.00
The Green BandThe Green Band
The Green Band
Sale priceAED 80.00
The Purple BandThe Purple Band
The Purple Band
Sale priceAED 70.00
The Plate PegThe Plate Peg
Wall Plate Peg
Sale priceAED 149.00
Water Punch Bag (Large)
Water Punch Bag (Large)
Sale priceAED 990.00
Water Punch Bag (Medium 45cm)
Water Punch Bag (Medium 45cm)
Sale priceAED 670.00
The XL Dumbbell Rack
XL Dumbbell Rack
Sale priceAED 2,100.00