How Effective Is The Vitamin C Filter?

Vitamin C is fundamental for our body’s growth and development. There are numerous health benefits of Vitamin C and this is an undisputed fact.

VitaPure uses a patented Vitamin C filter technology that removes 99.9% chlorine, chloramines and other harmful byproducts of chlorine such as THMs. VitaPure uses the finest quality of food graded Vitamin C in its filters to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of filtration. The powerful oxidizing agent instantly neutralizes chlorine upon contact to make it harmless.

An often-overlooked quality of the Vitamin C filter is that they perform effectively in any temperature. Which means that you can enjoy hot and cold showers without worrying about the chlorine in your shower water. This isn’t the case in other common filters such as the activated carbon filters which cannot be used with hot water. The heat from the water can damage the structure of the filter which will prevent it from absorbing contaminants effectively.

What Makes VitaPure Different?

Since VitaPure uses Vitamin C to remove chlorine, the slightly acidic properties of the filter discourages the growth of bacteria in the showerhead. In comparison to this, Activated Carbon can promote bacterial growth in the showerhead. Surely, bathing in bacteria infested water is the last thing that anyone will desire from their daily showers.

The innovative technology of VitaPure ensures that it delivers the same performance and effectiveness from start to finish. Since the filter always discharges a certain amount of Vitamin C, the chlorine removal effect is always constant.

VitaPure’s showerheads and filters will enable you to relish your showers while providing much needed nourishment to your hair. Vitamin C even helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles while also increasing collagen production.

VitaPure’s Vitamin C filter has no chemical additives as it uses a food graded Vitamin C that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The instant neutralizing action of the Vitamin C ensures that there is no change in the water pressure. Moreover, the transparent casing of the Vitamin C filters allows you to visually check the replacement time of the filter.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing showerheads in Korea, VitaPure is the go-to choice for water filtration.