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The design challenge was to come up with a wall-mount unit that could be folded inward or outward to accommodate smaller spaces, yet still offer the sturdiness of other freestanding racks. To achieve this, The Wall Rack is built around a unique hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid.

Duplicating a squat stand, pull up rig and power rack all combined in one element, the feel of The Wall Rack is miles beyond the lighter setups that use thinner steel components.

The Wall Rack is built with two steep up rights, laser cut, with Westside hole spacing through the bench/pull areas. All steel is powder coated, providing a durable and sharp looking finish. Items included:

  • Wall Rack
  • Wall mounted double bar holders
  • Two (2) Wall weight pegs

Tube size: 75x75x3mm

Size: 1200x600x2300mm

Net Weight: 75.5kg

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