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The 2nd Generation Recovapro SE is a breakthrough professional-grade deep tissue percussion massager that has been clinically proven to relieve aches and pains naturally.​

Critically acclaimed for its performance, excellent sound insulation, and unrivalled battery life, the award-winning new Smart Recovapro Se massage gun is perfectly suited for those who want to train harder and recover faster, from everyday fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes. If you're looking for the best deep-tissue massager to relieve aches & pains and promote healthy blood circulation, you've found it.

- 2 Years Replacement Warranty
- The New 2nd Generation Recovapro SE with Bluetooth and RecovaSmart App
- Integrates with Apple Health and Strava
- 240+ Minutes Battery Life (2600 Mah)
- 1400-3200 Percussions / min with 5 customisable speed range
- LED Ring with Force Meter with 50lbs Certified Stall Force
- 14mm Amplitude
- 50lbs Stall Force
- 5 Attachments & Carry Case
- Twist and Lock Head system for safety
- Aluminium Composite Body

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