Your Face Isn’t The First To Show Signs of Ageing

Growing old is inevitable. As the youthfulness of our body declines, we slowly start to witness the first signs of ageing. When we think of ageing, the first body part that usually comes to our mind is the face. From beauty spas to specialized creams for the face, we ensure that we pamper our face with the best possible solution. However, there are body parts that are just as visible and which age faster than our face too. It’s important to pay heed to them before it’s too late.


Our hands are exposed to the sun and several other elements on a daily basis. This repetitive exposure causes the skin to dry more quickly which ultimately leads to wrinkles. Use an anti-aging sun protection such as Reviderm SPF 30 and moisturize your hands overnight to help fortify your hands.


The skin on our neck is significantly thinner than our face and is just as equally exposed as the latter too. While we concentrate on protecting our face from wrinkles, we rarely pay attention to the neck area.

Make sure that you continue your skincare routine below your face as well. Failing to do so will cause a disparity between the neck and face area – as they former will look much older. Meder’s Arma Neck Cream is designed to protect and nourish the thin fragile area on your neck. The Swiss-Made cream will help you reduce wrinkles and even out your complexion.

Knees and Elbows

Most people direct majority of their skin care routine towards the face. The knees and elbows of our body barely get any attention at all. Elbows and knees are prone to crepey & dry skin due to sun exposure, dryness and loss of collagen. Moreover, the constant bending and stretching of the skin at your joints leave it more vulnerable to loose skin. Moisturizing your knees and elbows will help it retain moisture and reduce dryness.


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