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Why Choose Reviderm?

The cosmetic industry is an ever-evolving ever-changing field. New skin routines emerge every day, with a new trend promising perfect skin. But with so many brands out there offering multiple skincare solutions, it’s important that we – the consumers stick to brands that have created effective skincare products based on years of scientific research.

Reviderm is a product made in Germany and is the only company that integrates its medically researched, developed and patented skincare products. Reviderm combines innovations in active ingredient research with new discoveries in dermatology to provide the best solution to our body’s largest organ – the skin.

Reviderm even boasts of a wide range of patented ingredients such as OPC Pycnogenol ®, VEGF stop ®, Kerabionic ® etc which provide the best results to your skin- something that is promised by other brands but only delivered by Reviderm. In order to make consumers' lives easy, the unique packaging of Reviderm provides orientation and shows which products are suitable for which skin type at a glance. 

In short, Reviderm is not just a product, rather it’s a complete system. 

The high-carat mineral make-up is made with precious and carefully chosen ingredients. The fine mineral diamond dust is so gentle that it can be used on even the most sensitive skin or after cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion or micro-needling. The make-up is light and airy, allowing the skin to breathe and giving it a healthy glow.

The comprehensive skincare foundation is custom-made for each person's skin type and demands. Reviderm creates high-quality products that fight aging and restore firmness, freshness, and brightness to aged skin. With the use of sophisticated mixtures of active ingredients, this product line combats apparent indications of skin aging early and preventively.