The Summer and Your Skin

As the days become longer and the temperatures start soaring, you know that summer is approaching. While summer may resonate as the best season in some parts of the world, the Middle East and Africa Region record extremely high temperatures during the summer. This can have a significant impact on your skin, which unless taken care of, will lead to further problems in the future.

The summer heat increases water loss from the body which leads to dehydration. This can cause our skin to feel irritated and dry. Excess exposure to the sun can even damage the skin’s moisture barrier, leading to loss of skin’s elasticity and ultimately premature aging. 

The only solution to beat the summer heat is to keep yourself hydrated and protect your skin from sun exposure. And while drinking water is a great way to avoid dehydration, your skin needs additional protection during the summer season. 

Meder Beauty’s Hydra-Fill Concentrate restores the skin’s natural ability to retain water in the deep layers and provides three dimensional hydration for your skin. Epigenetic ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics instantly transform our dry, dull and stressed skin!

What’s more is that instead of simply moisturizing your skin, the unique ingredients of the concentrate instantly strengthen the connections between the structures of the keratinous layer, normalizing the microbiome and restoring the skin’s own protection.

Applying Hydra-Fill concentrate on your skin and using a nourishing face mask like Hydra-Fill Mask will provide your skin with just the hydration boost it deserves. 

Meder Beauty has even been recommended in renowned publications such as Vogue, The Telegraph and Independent for its innovative and effective implications on the skin. Even Oscar Nominee Carey Mulligan advocates the Hydra-Fill Mask!

So what are you waiting for? Try Meder Beauty and feel the difference yourself!

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