Sunscreen: The Foundation of Healthy Daily Skincare

Now that summer is almost at full swing, people are resorting to applying sunscreen more often. While it’s a common practice to wear sunscreen during the summer months; it should be part of your daily skin care routine as well. After all, there are several reasons to include sunscreen into your everyday routine.

Who should use sunscreen?

Everyone can and should wear sunscreen every day. Men, women and children over 6 months, regardless of skin color should apply sunscreen to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun.

Since darker skin tends to have more melanin – a natural skin pigment which protects against UV rays, chances of skin cancer are comparatively low in people with dark skin. However, the possibility still exists. So, it’s always best to apply sunscreen. 

SPF – What Level Should You Use?

The level of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) you need depends on how much time outdoors you intend to spend. For day-to-day use, SPF 30 should be quite sufficient. If, however, you plan to have day out in the sun, a higher sun protection like SPF 50 is always good to have.

How should I apply Sunscreen?

It’s best to apply sunscreen before you venture outdoors so that you can properly cover all the exposed areas of the skin. Generally, one ounce of sunscreen is enough to protect your neck, face, arms and legs. Make sure to apply it properly so that you can achieve maximum sun protection.

 Nails on a beach

Ideally, if you’re outdoors, sunscreen should be reapplied to exposed areas every two hours. This duration can be lesser if you are swimming or sweating profusely.

Do I need Sunscreen even when it’s cloudy?

Even on a cloudy day, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful ways reaches the earth. So, make sure to apply your sunscreen daily; no matter the weather and even if you’re indoors.

Keeping a spare sunscreen at your desk or in your bag is always a smart move. After all, you never know when you may need it.