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Peptides: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Peptides have received a lot of attention for their anti-aging properties. After all, they are more effective than your usual dose of creams and moisturizers that merely sit on the skin's surface. But do you know what peptides are and why they need to be a part of your skincare range?

Peptides are long chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins in our bodies, including collagen. Every human cell contains peptides, which are proteins that give skin cells their youthful and firmer-looking skin. Not only do peptides act as building components for new collagen, but they also serve as building blocks for elastin fibers. To be more specific, collagen is made up of three polypeptide chains (Triple helix of elongated fibril), which means peptides can stimulate your skin to make collagen. 

Peptides have a lot of potential since they don't irritate the skin the way other anti-aging compounds like retinol do. Unlike conventional skin care treatments that function on the surface, peptide-based solutions can work deep within the skin's molecular structure. Even when applied topically, they can penetrate the outer epidermis layer into the dermis layer. 

Their presence frequently stimulates the body to increase protein production, resulting in the desired plumping effect from within. Increased collagen and other beneficial ingredients reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin barrier and smoothens skin texture while also easing inflammation. 


Check Out Our Recommendation of Peptide-Infused Skin Care Products

1. Argi-syn Decontract Cream

The high tech cream relaxes and smoothens facial features while filling long term wrinkles from within by significantly improving collagen renewal. It prevents moisture loss and strengthens the skin barrier to create a silky soft skin sensation. 

2. Peptide AC Night

The regenerating night cream utilizes messenger peptides to stimulate repair mechanisms to visibly reduce wrinkles. It provides natural anti-aging due to antioxidant protection and increases skin firmness owing to newly built elastin and collagen. 

3. Eye & Lip Improve 

The triple active collagen booster consists of high-tech peptides that stimulate collagen buildup and strengthen the skin’s structure. Get immediate soft and smooth skin through lasting moisture retention. The hydro complex of hyaluronic acids secures hydration for hours and is even suitable for contact lens wearers.

4. EGF New Cell Cream

EGF New Cell Cream is a highly effective 24hr curative cream for active cell renewal. Peptide complex stimulates collagen build-up to improve resilience and elasticity. Long lasting activated cell renewal reduces the depth of wrinkles quickly and creates a visibly revitalized, rejuvenated and recovered looking skin. 

5. Peptide Line Lift Mask 

The collagen booster lifting anti-aging mask utilizes 5-fold peptide power to create a firm and tighten skin. It even smoothens lines and wrinkles using the skin’s own moisture.

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