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Meder Hydra-Fill Mask: A Celebrities Secret

What’s the secret behind a celebrities’ beautiful and glowing skin? Or are you looking for a special product that can provide instant glow before an important event? Well, you can count on Meder Beauty’s Hydra-Fill Mask! And don’t just take our word for it. Academy Award Nominee Cary Mulligan absolutely loves the Hydra-Fill Mask!

The British actress who is well known for her roles in Promising Young Women (2020) and The Great Gatsby (2013) revealed that the mask is her go-to option for glowing skin before a photoshoot or any important event. 

“I have got these amazing masks by Meder Beauty they're called Hydra-Fill Masks. I'll bang one of those on and your face just looks completely different after 20 minutes. So they're pretty amazing.”

Considering that Mulligan is “obsessed” with skincare and is incredibly gorgeous, we can definitely say that trusting her opinion would be a safe bet. Mulligan also states in the video, "When you get a bit older and you start to realize that... the majority of people who say they drink a lot of water are having a lot of cosmetic surgery, it just makes you chill a little bit." 

Starting a healthy skincare routine early on will help you avoid all the unnecessary cosmetic surgeries at a later stage in life. The Hydra-Fill Mask contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, algae extract, tranexamic acid, deep sea water and innovative calming peptide Skinasensyl. 

Since hyaluronic acid has different molecular weights in Hydra-Fill Concentrate and the Hydra-Fill Mask, they affect the skin in different ways. It is recommended to use the concentrate and mask in combination to have the best impact on the skin, but they can be used as separate products as well. 

Meder Beauty’s Hydra-Fill mask will completely transform your skin in 20 minutes. Additionally, the mask comes with loops for the ears which will keep your mask fixated and will allow you to carry on with your regular chores.

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