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How Sudden Changes in Temperature and Humidity Can Affect Your Health

Imagine yourself driving an air conditioned car during the hot summer. The moment you park your car, you rush towards your destination which is usually air conditioned. While the feeling of escaping the summer heat feels surreal, this sudden change in temperature and humidity can have drastic impacts on your skin and health. 

A sudden and dramatic change in temperature can impact the body’s health. It stresses the body since it is forced to transition from a hot to an air-conditioned environment. This is particularly more in the Middle East and Africa regions where the dominating hot summer weather comes with frequent changes in temperature. The same applies when one moves from an air conditioned place to an outdoors or sunny environment. 

The main reason for this is that our body adjusts itself for a particular climate and then the sudden disruption forces our body to adapt. Failing to adapt to the switch in temperature can trigger an illness.

Research suggests that a quick decrease in temperature from hot to cold can be hazardous to the human body. This sudden change is particularly harmful for people suffering from chronic colds. The drop in temperature and the accompanying drop in humidity further increases the risk of infection. Temperature changes can even aggravate coronary heart disease and vascular heart diseases. 

The change in temperatures dries off the skin, mucus membrane and the eyes which can lead to eye infections, flu, cold, sore throat and muscular spasms.

Switching between extreme temperatures is never a good idea. Whether it’s moving from a cold environment to a hot condition or constantly switching between hot and cold temperatures; it has negative implications on your body’s health. If possible, it is always better to switch temperatures slowly to prevent negative effects on our body.