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VitaPure Combo Premium
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Tornado Vitamin
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InBody120 + Lookin Body Software (Complete Set)
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How does Meder Beauty stand out?

Skin care is an ever-changing, ever-evolving industry. You might come across a new skincare trend every few weeks, but most of them fizzle out sooner than you can imagine. Instead of diverting its attention to the latest skincare gimmicks in the market, Meder Beauty Science keeps true to its goal of achieving maximum impact on the skin using only scientifically backed safe ingredients. 

Meder Beauty is the first to provide a microbiome friendly professional skincare solution. The Swiss made cosmetic product is cruelty free and strictly follows Swiss cosmetic regulations. Furthermore, the products are not tested on animals and only use plant based and lab made active ingredients. 

Created by Dr. Tiina Meder and launched in 2009, Meder Beauty Science holds true to a scientific vision with a firm belief in pain-free beauty. Meder Beauty Science believes in creating skincare products that are suitable for everyone, irrespective of their individual race. 

To top it all off, we believe that if you purchase a 50 ml cream, you should be able to use every ounce of the cream you paid for! The unique packaging of Meder Beauty Science allows you to extract every last ml of the tube or bottle without any hassle. Infact, the bottles are filled with an extra 5%, so when you buy a 50 ml bottle, you are actually getting 52.5 ml, out of which 52.3 ml can be easily removed. So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

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