Myo-Fix Concentrate: The Botox Substitute

The coronavirus pandemic forced shutters on several industries for a limited time. Cinemas, dental services and aesthetic treatments were forced to halt their operations. And this is when Meder Myo-Fix Concentrate became a substitute for Botox during quarantine. This way, people were able to take their botulinum toxin injection from the comfort of their home.

Myo-Fix Concentrate is the most effective noninvasive treatment for wrinkles and expression lines. The unique formula includes three strong myorelaxing peptides that relaxes frown lines to facilitate smoother skin. It was even featured in Vogue UK for its ability to mimic the results of Botox.

Leuphasyl helps to immobilize facial muscles to prevent the formation of wrinkles and expression lines. The visible effects of aging and deep wrinkles/lines around the forehead and eyes are decreased due to Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. Peptide Syn-Ake inhibits reactions which causes muscles to move or contract. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 further stimulates the synthesis of collagen and other structural elements of the skin. 

And don’t worry, Meder Myo-Fix Concentrate is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moreover, if you have already taken botulinum toxin injections, applying the concentrate can help you preserve the effect longer. Meder Myo-Fix is a great substitute for Botox and can work synergistically with it. Even if you prefer to get Botox injections, the Concentrate would be the perfect product of choice to use as a complementary and supplementary after Botox for a prolonged action and smoother skin texture.

How to use Myo-Fix Concentrate?

Make sure that you apply Myo-Fix Concentrate only after you have properly rinsed your face and applied a serum. Apply small amounts of the concentrate on the wrinkles and rub it in with a cotton stick. Keep in mind that you need to avoid Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA acids), retinol and retinol’s derivatives during your active Myo-Fix course. The active molecules of acids and retinol can easily destroy the fragile peptides. 

On the other hand, if you experience a strained sensation after 4 or 5 weeks in facial areas where you applied the concentrate, don’t worry, this is normal. Since the peptides work on muscle fibers in the skin, there might be slight numbness depending on your skin sensitivity, but it shall pass once you finish the Myo-Fix course.               

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